Gouda Isis Incoming Travel Insurance

Gouda Isis Incoming Travel Insurance

The ISIS Incoming Travel Insurance is especially for people who are visiting The Netherlands. Besides coverage for medical costs, it also provides benefits for luggage, personal accident, liability and extraordinary costs. This travel insurance meets the requirements for the Schengen Visum.

Features & Coverage

  • Provides cover for emergency medical costs, luggage (optional during stay in Netherlands), extraordinary costs, personal accident and liability.
  • No coverage for pre-excisting conditions and pregnancy
  • Premium is per day
  • Three types of coverage: A, B and C so you can choose the level of cover you want
  • The policy can be extended quite easily
  • Maximum period of insurance is 2 years
  • Maximum age for the person to be insured is 45 years
  • The insurance can only be applied for by a contact person living in the Netherlands
  • The insurance needs to be issued before the person to be insured has left home country
  • The insurance meets the requirements of the IND for a Schengen visa and MVV.

Important to know

  • The contact person in The Netherlands needs to apply for this insurance, before the visitor leaves country of residence.
  • We advise you to choose for coverage B or C because option A comes with a maximum insured amount for medical costs. B and C don't have a maximum for this kind of costs.
  • Just like other private travel insurances, this insurance does not provide coverage for pre-excisting conditions or pregnancy.


The premium depends on the type of coverage. There are three options: A,B or C. We advice you to apply for B or C because A has a maximum amount for emergency medical costs.

Origin Europe € 1,35 € 1,60 € 1,95
Origin World € 1,60 € 1,90 € 2,25
Luggage (during your stay in the Netherlands and during short holidays) € 0,15 € 0,20 € 0,25

Apply for this insurance

To apply for the Isis Incoming Travel Insurance, the contact person in the Netherlands can send in a completed application form below.


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Insure luggage during entire stay in Holland?
Insure luggage during entire stay in Holland?

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