ONVZ Basic Health Insurance

ONVZ Basic Health Insurance

Basic Health Insurance or Basiszorgverzekering

Dutch Public Health Insurance is for residents in the Netherlands, and everyone working and paying for social security in the Netherlands.

If you are obliged to have this insurance, we can help you arrange this. This insurance company is one of the few insurers in The Netherlands that offers information regarding the Basiszorgverzekering in English. That can be very helpful.

Should you wish to read more about the Dutch Health System and certain aspects of the Basisverzekering, we want to refer to this information.

  • Health card for all (family) members
  • Direct billing for doctor, pharmacy, hospital with your health card
  • Group discount for JoHo Insurances clients

What is a deductible or excess?

Deductible, also known as excess or "own risk", means that you don’t get a refund from the insurance company as long as the costs you make are lower than the deductible. An example to clarify: let’s say that there is a deductible of 200 euros per year. In January and March you need to see a doctor and the expenses are 50 euros for each treatment. You have 100 euros of expenses in total. Because this is lower than your deductible, the insurance company will extract the 100 euros of your deductible and won’t give you a refund. In August you need a surgery, which costs 400 euros. After extraction from your deductible, the insurance company will give you a refund of 300 euros. 
So in other words, until you have reached the amount of your deductible, the insurance company will not provide a refund.  


  • Burgerservicenummer (Social security number, obtainable from the "Belastingdienst")
  • Registration in the city where you live (called BRP which is short for BasisRegistratie Personen)
  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your resident's permit
  • E-mail us for the requirements for employees of International Institutions

Make a quote and apply online for the Dutch Basic Health Insurance

Apply online with JoHo Insurances group discount for expats in the Netherlands on the ONVZ Basiszorgverzekering: 

Online offer and application. (Dutch)