Backpackers & Travellers

Backpackers & Travellers

Do I really need Travel Insurance?

A weekend in Paris, a week lying on the beach in Greece or 3 months trekking through Africa, it all sounds exciting but unfortunately things can go wrong and travellers can find themselves needing urgent medical assistance, help with replacing lost luggage and/or assistance with making an urgent trip home.

Many travellers do not take out travel insurance believing "it won't happen to me."

Who was affected by the floods in Australia or the unrest in Egypt. Travel Insurance can offer coverage for the following;

Medical Costs

  • from a visit to a local doctor to emergency hospital care


  • in countries where the medical facilities are limited, repatriation by air ambulance is sometimes necessary

Extra Travelling Expenses

  • cover is available should you need to return home due to a sick family member or if for medical reasons that you yourself are required to return home          


  • in the unfortunate situation when your luggage is stolen it is reassuring to know that the cost of replacing your stolen items can be insured 


in the event where it is necessary to cancel your trip prior to departure due to unforseen circumstances, insurance is available to cover cancellation costs incurred

JoHo Insurance offers a variety of travel insurances to suit the holiday maker;