Au pair in The Netherlands

au pair in the netherlands

As a host family for an au pair, you'll be dealing with several authorities and different kinds of law and legislation. The so called Au pair policy, in Dutch Au pair beleid, needs to be followed to make sure that you don't risk a fine.

On this website we will tell you about the compulsory Dutch Health Insurance, the Basisverzekering as we call it, the au pair will need to have. Apart from this compulsory insurance, it is recommended to have a specific au pair insurance.

Compulsory Insurance: the Basisverzekering

The current au pair police determines that the au pair is considered to be an employee and therefore needs to have a Basisverzekering. If you wish to get a more detailed explanation of this policy, you should contact the Sociale Verzekeringsbank, their website is
Since the Basisverzekering does not cover for certain costs you might want to be insured, we advise you to apply for an au pair insurance as well. Some examples of things that are not covered with the Basisverzekering but only with an au pair insurance are: repatriation, extra traveling expenses if the au pair needs to return to home country after she has died or in case a close relative dies. But also loss of damage, personal liability and personal accidents are not insured with the Basisverzekering.

We offer au pair agencies and host families:

  • A specific au pair insurance
  • An affordable Basisverzekering which fits the au pair insurance well
  • Information that helps to apply for Care Allowance at the Belastingdienst

Which Basisverzekering do we apply for?
We have selected a Basisverzekering that offers:

  • A relatively easy procedure for application and termination of the insurance
  • A low premium
  • An extra discount when you choose a voluntary deductible (eigen risico)
  • An extra discount for our clients

We are happy to recommend you this Basic Health Insurance.

Application for the Basisverzekering

Before the application for the basisverzekering can be done, the au pair needs to have a Burgerservicenummer (BSN). To get this she will need to be registered at the local municipality you live in. In Dutch the local council is also called Basisregistratie Personen, formerly known as GBA. As part of the Au pair policy it is also important that the au pair known at the IND. If you wish to know more about the Au pair policy, you can visit the website of the IND .

What cover do we choose for? If you allready have an Au pair insurance with us, then it normally is sufficient to choose just the Basisverzekering in combination with the maximum deductible and without any supplementary plans or dental plans. This way you reduce the premium you'll need to pay for the Basisverzekering, in some cases the premium is the same as the Care Allowance.
Please mind that if you do want the au pair to be insured for medical costs like routine dental care and pregnancy and childbirth, you should apply for a supplementary plan as well.

During the application process you'll see the question: 'Kom je in aanmerking voor extra (groeps)voordeel?'. By filling in JOHO FOUNDATION, you'll profit from our special discount.

Use this link to apply for the insurance


What the au pair insurance usually covers:

  • when the au pair is not yet enrolled in the municipality (gemeente) she (of he) can not yet obtain the BurgerServicenummer (BSN) which is required to apply for the basic health insurance. In the meantime, for example during the trip to The Netherlands, the au pair could get an accident or become ill. If there is no au pair insurance, the au pair will probably be uninsured.
  • there is no complete cover when the au pair is taking a trip outside The Netherlands, having only the Dutch basic health insurance (basisverzekering). The basic health insurance provides no extra cover when someone needs medical treatment in another country than The Netherlands. They will at most remunerate what they would have paid if the costs were made in The Netherlands, leaving the extra expenses up to you.
  • fortunately it does not happen often, but it has happened that the au pair dies during her stay in The Netherlands. When this happens, a lot has to be arranged to make sure the body of the au pair can return to the home country. The Emergency helpline (Alarmcentrale) will take care of all kind of (official) things to make sure the mortal remains will be transported. For several reasons, you don't want to be the person to arrange and pay for this.
  • the au pair is working at your house and accidentally she drops a pan on your cooking hot plate that bursts. Some insurances will cover the repair costs as part of the liability insurance.
  • during a nice day at a theme park, the bag of the au pair gets stolen. The bag contained the passport of the au pair, which will need to be replaced. Most of the au pair insurances offer a cover for stolen luggage.
  • Read more about au pair legislation and au pair insurances in the Netherlands on