Gouda Isis Au Pair Insurance

Gouda Isis Au Pair Insurance

The ISIS Au pair Insurance is made for foreign au pairs that participate in the cultural exchange program and work as an au pair in The Netherlands. The insurance must be applied for by a Dutch host family or au pair agency. The au pair should live with the host family and not be older than 31 years old when the insurance is applied for. 

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Insurance plan options & Benefits

The Au pair insurance is a package of several covers. The following covers are part of the insurance: 

Medical expenses

Regarding the medical expenses, there are two types of coverage: All-in and Additional. The policy starts with 'All-in' and can be adjusted to 'Additional' once the Basic Health Insurance is arranged.


When the au pair is coming to The Netherlands, the new policy will start with All-in cover. This means that the au pair is insured for emergency medical expenses during the trip to The Netherlands, during her stay in The Netherlands and during the trip back home, to the country of residence. Should the au pair unexpectedly become sick or have an accident that requires medical treatment, she is insured. That also counts for costs that are part of the deductible of the Dutch Basic Health insurance (basisverzekering), ISIS will reimburse these costs. For emergency dental treatments, a certain maximum amount is insured. Which amount is insured, depends on whether you have Standard or Super coverage. Obvioulsy the Super cover has a higher insured amount.


After the Basic Health Insurance had become effective, the coverage of this insurance can be altered from All-in to Additional. The Basic Health Insurance provides an elaborate set of benefits and care. Therefore the scope of medical cover offered by the ISIS insurance can be limited. This means that the Additional cover insures:

  • the deductible of the Basic Health Insurance (so choose a high deductible)
  • emergency medical treatments outside The Netherlands when the Basic Health Insurance does not pay these costs.

With Additional the benefits for emergency dental treatments will no longer be part of the insurance. Once we have registered the Addtional cover, you will pay 25% less premium for the insured period to come. 

How to proceed when you want to change the cover from All-in to Additional, and apply for this right away.

SOS or Extraordinary costs

Think about calamities that ask for the return of the au pair to country of residence. For example when her mother or grandpa is seriously ill or deceased. But also when the au pair dies. 


This provides once a payment in certain situations. First of all, an accident has to have happened. And secondly, the insurance only pays when the au pair dies or becomes permanently disabled. 


The au pair will probably bring some of her belongings to The Netherlands. Maybe she will buy some items while she is in The Netherlands and want this to be insured too. This luggage cover gives her an insurance also during the trip back home. 


What if the au pair acts in a way that causes damage or cost for someone else? Of course we assume that the damage was caused unintentionally but she could be hold liable. The insurer will insure this risk and pay the person who suffered damage when the au pair is actually liable. 

In the leaflet you will find the benefits. You’ll see that you have the options Au pair and Au pair Plus. We explain the differences elsewhere on this page. 

Important documents

FAQ ISIS Au pair Insurance

For whom is this insurance made?

For foreign au pairs that participate in the cultural exchange program and work as an au pair in The Netherlands. The insurance must be applied for by a Dutch host family or au pair agency. 

The au pair should: 

  • Live with the host family 
  • Not be older than 31 years old when the insurance is applied for. 

Standard or Super cover?

You decide how the au pair is insured by making a choice between Standard and Super. The Super cover provides some advantages. The extensive overview of differences is clear in the table of benefits. The most important differences are:

  • there is no deducitble applicable for medical costs when you have Super. Otherwise, a deductible is extracted from the renumation for every event (every illness).
  • the maximum amount that is insured for urgent dental treatment is higher
  • Super gives a higher insured sum for luggage
  • with Super you get coverage for damage caused to the belonging of the host family, whilst the au pair was working.

Do I choose Europe or World cover?

If your au pair lives in a European country, you can choose Europe cover. But when the au pair lives outside of Europe, you should apply for World. The region Europe is not limited to countries of the European Union. In the policy conditions, you'll find a list of countries that are part of the Europe region as the insurance company has determined.

What is not covered?

  • money (cash and digital), creditcards, bank cards are not covered
  • did you ask for the discount, then dental expenses are not covered.
  • liability in relation to damage caused during drving a motor vehicle. An example to clarify: the au pair drives a car and hits someone else who suffers damage. This should be insured via the insurance for the vehicle. Would the damage be caused by the au pair whilst riding a bycicle and she is liable, then you can file a claim with the insurance company.
  • medical expenses that were foreseen or can be postponed till after return to home country.

Application and more information

Visit our specialized website for au pair insurances: www.aupairverzekeringen.nl for more details on the ISIS au pair insurance

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