OOM Studying in The Netherlands

OOM Studying in The Netherlands

Health and travel insurance in The Netherlands for:

  • international students
  • people who'll be doing an internship
  • people who are going to work as an au pair
  • Age: 0-29 years. So you can apply for the insurance as long as you are not older than 29 years old.

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Important documents


  • Health & SOS and optional Dental
  • Insurance package (Luggage, Liability, Legal Assistance, Household, Accident)

The Health Insurance offers you a choice between a Standard cover and Extended cover. You can choose between a dedutible of €50,- or even no deductible.

A few specifics:

The insurance is also valid while you are visiting other countries, as long as the trip doesn't last longer than 50 consecutive days.

The insurance is quite flexible regarding the length of your stay. You can apply for the insurance for any period from one day up to a maximum of 5 years. Be sure not to apply for a too short period since you can not extend the policy.

How to apply

You can easily get a quote online and apply for the insurance by clicking the button below.

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