Dutch bank account for expats and emigrants

Dutch bank account for expats and emigrants

For Expats

ABN AMRO Bank N.V. provides banking assistance specifically addressed for expats in the Netherlands and abroad.

Their International Clients Department is specialised in tailor made banking products regarding, mortgages, investments, future income, private bank accounts, savings, loans and insurance products, and it is located in major cities of the Netherlands.

May you wish to open a bank account with or without having acquired a BSN (Dutch Social Security Number), they kindly request you to fill in the application form and enclose a copy of your passport. Furthermore, they require the official passport details during the appointment to open a bank account.

You will receive a personal package, which includes a private bank and savings account, debit card (credit card optional) and access to the English internet banking website and App.
The personal package costs €3,10 per month (2014).

For more information please visit: https://www.abnamro.nl/en

For International Students

This bank offers a student package

  • Bank account, debit card and access to Mobile Banking
  • A free savings account of your own choice
  • Additional services tailored to your needs as a student