Insurances for International Students and Interns in the Netherlands

studying in the Netherlands

To study overseas or to be offered an internship can be a valuable and exciting part of your tertiary education. It is important to be insured during your study overseas in case anything should happen to yourself in The Netherlands or if you suddenly have to return home due to a sick relative.

1. Which Travel Insurance does JoHo recommend for international students and interns in the Netherlands?


OOM Studying in the Netherlands

  • Health & SOS cover
  • Optional Dental coverage
  • Optional Insurance package (Luggage, Liability, Legal Assistance, Household, Accident)
  • The insurance is also valid while you are visiting other countries, as long as the trip doesn't last longer than 50 consecutive days.
  • Premium from € 21,31 per month

More information about the insurance and how to apply for the insurance: OOM Studying in the Netherlands

Please be advised: if you are 30 years old or older you can not apply for OOM Studying in the Netherlands. Contact us by email ( for alternative insurances.

2. Are you also working (temporary) in The Netherlands? -> Basic Health Insurance

If you are in the Netherlands for study purposes only, you are not obliged to take out a Public Dutch Health Insurance. But you are obliged to have the Public Dutch Basic Health Insurance if you start an internship that pays at least the Dutch minimum wage or if you start a (part-time) job.

Basic Health Insurance: Zorg & Zekerheid

  • Premium (2020) from € 89,20 a month.
  • Choose your own deductible/voluntary excess.
  • Profit from the discount for JoHo clients.

More information about the insurance and how to apply for the insurance: Zorg & Zekerheid Basic health Insurance

Care allowance (Zorgtoeslag) for students

The Dutch Tax Department offers people with a basisverzekering and a low income a financial compensation. This is a compensation for the premium that you have to pay for the basisverzekering, and can be up to around € 100 a month. So in most cases the Zorgtoeslag is sufficient to even out the monthly premium for the basic health insurance.